Angel Coleman-Juarez​​​​​​​
I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Science, in Illustration. 
I used to label myself as an Illustrator because that’s what I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in. However, after art school I faced reality and I realized that’s naive to think and that is merely a title. I continually develop my skills in many areas. Depending on the day, one could label me as an artist, painter, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, and stained-glass artist. To say the least, I dip my toes in a lot of mediums. I love to create meaningful, inspiring, beautiful content. I don't like creating just for the sake of it, but to inspire others. Most of my inspiration is found in nature. Currently, I have a full time position as Communications Coordinator + Social Media Director. I am also a freelancer, so sometimes I paint landscapes or shoot weddings, just depends on what I am passionate about at the time.